Five ways to keep motivated when you are in a dead-end job

Your job may not be the fulfillment of your dreams. On the contrary, the 9 to 5 job has become a nightmare that reminds you that dreams do not come true. You are locked in a dead-end job that makes you feel dead inside. But if it is all about putting on a good face in the midst of hard times, you can find ways to stay motivated in your dead-end job - at least while you decide to drop it and go out there and find another.

1.Add value to your work by using your own initiative

This does not mean to do more work than what you are asked to do but rather to add some ingenuity to the tasks you are asked to perform. This will demonstrate that you are motivated.  Make suggestions for better ideas, even if they are rejected. This kind of thinking will help you when you decide to leave and start working at something different.

2.Sign up for any training offered

Everything you learn might become useful some day. Keeping yourself updated means learning something new every day. Whenever the company offers a training, take it.  You never know when you will need those skills.

3.Use spare time

Take advantage of the resources offered in your job to find out about how to become a successful person. Use your spare time to plan your future.  It is alright to dream and dream big. Once you sit at the planning table, you might find inspiration.

4.Laugh and have fun

This is very important, even if you sometimes have to force it. Keeping the right attitude at your job helps you through the day.  Yes, it is a dead-end job, but you still do not want to burn any bridges.

5.Take advantage of any skills your boss offers

Just like with the training, you should take in as much as you can. Your bosses are up there because they did something right. If they are who you want to be in the near future, then you should try to find out some of their secrets to success. 

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